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Terms and Conditions

The Company performs courier services in international trade of enterprises and legal persons, hereinafter referred to as the CUSTOMER.

Terms and Conditions shall form an integral part of the agreement and defines the standards of cooperation between the Usł and the Customer. The current bill of lading used by the Usł is the condition and the proof of agreement.

The Customer, by passing the Usł Company a parcel agrees to provision of services based on the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which is a general agreement within the meaning of the Civil Code art.384-385.

The Customer by signing the bill of lading confirms the compliance of the declared information with the facts and knowledge of the Terms and Conditions of this agreement, which at the moment of signing become binding for both parties.

The Company guarantees delivery of the consignment in compliance with the bill of lading and the current price list.

The packaging should be:

  • clean, with no inscriptions, signs and drawings.
  • effectively secured.
  • sufficiently strong in relation to the content.

In addition, the package shall not cause any damage, and soil the other consignments.

The Company refuses to conclude an agreement or it may withdraw from its implementation if the consignment contains goods:

  • carriage of which is prohibited by law or contracts, agreements and international conventions to which Poland is a party,
  • dangerous or harmful to persons and property such as explosives, flammable, toxic, radioactive, corrosive substances, or weapons and ammunition,
  • transported under the customs seal procedure,
  • human or animal organs and remains, or corpses,
  • live animals or plants,
  • psychoactive drugs, medications, recreational drugs, cigarettes, alcohol,
  • stones, precious metals, securities, certificates, currency, works of art and antiques,
  • covered by the provisions of the Transport Law, the carriage of which is prohibited, and the law reserves the exclusive right to perform certain services by the public operator (Journal of Laws: 03,130,1188).

In justified circumstances the Company may need to open the parcel accepted for shipment in order to
check its contents.

The fees for the service determine the current price list, or the agreement concluded between the Company and the Customer.

Payment should be paid in cash at the time of shipment or in accordance with the contract.

Parcel is insured for the amount up to 20 GBP. Parcels above the value of 100 GBP are covered by an additional, individually established payment.

Where, for reasons beyond the control of the courier, delivery of packages was impossible, the package is returned to the Company’s warehouse.

The Customer is informed of this fact within 24 hours from the moment of delivery of the returned parcel. Claims must be made in writing to the address of the Company and shall contain:

  • copy of the bill of lading,
  • copy of the report stating the damage with a legible courier’s signature,
  • amount of the claim and justification,
  • documentation of the amount claimed.

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